Is curing your Fungal Nail possible? We have a 95% Effective Fungal Nail Treatment Cure!

How is it possible to achieve an astounding 95% effective fungal nail treatment cure for treatment resistant nails. Chronic fungal nail (onychomycosis) infections are a challenging condition to eradicate. For an experienced podiatrist specialising in treating fungal finger and toenails this poses no problem. When the nail is chronically infected one successful option is to totally remove the damaged infected nail and then use a short course of lunula Laser treatments. This combined treatment option works phenomenally well for chronically infected nails.

Comfortable Nail Surgery

On average just 5 – 9 days post-operatively the nail bed is dry. Lunula laser treatments can now start. The Lunula laser is totally painless. It combines the powerful effect of 2 proven therapeutic laser wavelengths to accelerate quick nail growth. It will target and eradicate any rogue fungal spores. These may be trapped within nail folds and surrounding tissues. The reason many fungal nail treatments fail is because the dormant spores are not targeted. In chronically infected nails spores are trapped and can be treatment resistant.

Accelerated New Healthy Nail Regrowth

Toenails grow at just 1 – 1.62mm per month. A big toenail can take 12 – 18 months to fully grow back from its base (matrix) to the free edge. A fungal infected nail has retarded nail growth with very little forward expansion, but more upward thickening. The Lunula laser has been acknowledge for substantially accelerating nail plate growth. This is essential when tackling reluctant fungal nail infections. The quicker the nail growth, the success rates exponentially increase. Basically, stopping Fugus (dermaphytes) in their tracks and allowing the body to fight back.
Lunula laser will increase blood flow and nutrition to the nail’s matrix. The result is a burst of new keratin nail cell turnover. Nail growth can be doubled, also the actual nail bed structure is reconditioned and strengthened. Just weeks after a nail plate removal there can appear to be a new nail plate. This is noted with smaller digits. It is a ‘pseudo’ nail, just keratinisation of the nail bed’s epidermis. Which can be confused with new regrowth, but the actual nail plate is still on its way.
Point to remember: The Lunula is in effect reconditioning the nail bed making it stronger and damage free.

Patience is Golden

Patience is required and it does pay-off. Healthy new nail regrowth is soon observed. Nail plate development is normalised which was not achieved with conservative fungal nail treatments even oral drug therapy. As previously mentioned, nail growth is slow, so results are often slow to be seen.

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