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3 Reasons Why you Have Ingrown Toenails!

No-one likes to talk about toes and toenails, but it’s my job as a Podiatrist to change that! Here at Foot + Nail Solutions we see ingrown toenails on the daily, and by acknowledging the risk factors and seeking proper help when needed, we can get back on our feet ASAP. Definition: AKA Onychocryptosis. Dermatological […]

Should I be worried about my Bunions?

Let’s face it, I’m sure that you or someone you know has bunions. Unfortunately, not many people know how or why it occurs and what could happen if it is left untreated. This post was not intended to fully describe the mechanism of bunions … but what could happen to bunions if it reaches the […]

What do you need to know about how we can treat your Ingrown Toenails.

Did you know that we offer CONSERVATIVE treatments at Foot + Nail Solutions Podiatry! Here at Foot + Nail Solutions we are experts at treating ingrown toenails and see them on a regular basis. An ingrown toenail occurs when the nail grows into the surrounding skin. They can become red, hot, swollen and extremely painful. The […]

How does Diabetes affect your feet?

How does Diabetes affect my feet? Diabetes is a complex group of conditions that results in the body’s Blood glucose levels being too high. The most common forms of diabetes are Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Having diabetes increases the risk of developing a wide range of foot problems, often because of two complications […]

What do your shoes say about you??

Have you ever wondered what your shoe wear patterns mean? Shoe wear patterns can provide a glimpse of how we walk/run but misinterpretation of these patterns may lead us down a road of inappropriate shoe selection and modification that could potentially reduce performance and increase risk of injury. Even Wear (Optimal Shoe Wear Patterns) Approximately […]

Is curing your Fungal Nail possible? We have a 95% Effective Fungal Nail Treatment Cure!

How is it possible to achieve an astounding 95% effective fungal nail treatment cure for treatment resistant nails. Chronic fungal nail (onychomycosis) infections are a challenging condition to eradicate. For an experienced podiatrist specialising in treating fungal finger and toenails this poses no problem. When the nail is chronically infected one successful option is to […]

Nail polish and Podiatry. What do we think?

Who doesn’t like to put on a nice nail polish to match their outfit, especially as the weather warms up, but is that pretty colour doing pretty things to your body and nails? Did you know that your nails are porous, and they absorb what you put onto them? Many nail polishes contain ingredients that […]

Ingrown toenail? Is nail surgery the answer? Some of your questions answered

  What are the symptoms of an ingrown toenail? Usually it is the big toenail that is affected however any toe can become ingrown. Symptoms include: + Swelling + Redness + Pain + Tenderness + Pus Are there alternatives to nail surgery? Routine podiatry treatment, such as cutting back the corner of the nail or […]

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