Should I be worried about my Bunions?

Let’s face it, I’m sure that you or someone you know has bunions. Unfortunately, not many people know how or why it occurs and what could happen if it is left untreated.

This post was not intended to fully describe the mechanism of bunions … but what could happen to bunions if it reaches the end-stages.


Progressive subluxation and rotation of the 1st toe joint causing the whole toe to move towards the midline of the foot. Some risk factors include tight footwear, genetics and dysfunction of the first MTPJ

So when should I take action to treat my bunions?

There are 3 simple answers to this!

  • Pain
  • Function
  • Progression

Why? Because pain can become worse over time, and causes dysfunction to the joint itself leading to the inability to move the joint through a range of motion. It also limits function leading to difficulty and pain when wearing shoes, walking/ standing, and other daily activities.


If left untreated and progresses, it can cause arthritic changes to the joint. Surgical intervention will then be warranted.


  1. First toe joint subluxation causing joint in a sub-optimal position
  2. Degeneration/ erosion and spurring of hyaline cartilage
  3. Joint space narrowing causing Osteoarthritis of the joint


  • Bunions can progress and worsen over time
  • Be proactive about bunion pain, progression and function
  • Leaving it untreated can lead to surgical intervention
  • See a Podiatrist!