Nail polish and Podiatry. What do we think?

Who doesn’t like to put on a nice nail polish to match their outfit, especially as the weather warms up, but is that pretty colour doing pretty things to your body and nails?

Did you know that your nails are porous, and they absorb what you put onto them?

Many nail polishes contain ingredients that are listed as POISONOUS (Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, synthetic camphor xylene, tosylamide, benzophenone-1, animal parts and many other nasties). Some are listed as carcinogens

In small doses there is no evidence that these are hazardous. However, we are sure you would personally prefer to steer away from anything with too many unknown and damaging ingredients.

For this reason, we advise if using regular nail polish brands and visiting a spa, you take these simple steps to protect you and your nails.

  • Don’t leave nail polish on for weeks even months and months, continually re-coating, not only means your nails absorb the chemicals within the polish, but it also can potentially hide fungal infections/damage and prevent you from treating them before they spread. It also encourages fungi to form as the nail polish traps water and dirt which fungi love!
  • If water is mechanically jetted into the spa, ask how often the workings of the spa are cleaned. jet tubes can often be contaminated with fungus and bacteria from skin and nails
  • If you notice your nails turn yellow after wearing polish, try and find one that doesn’t contain FORMALDYDE and again giving your nails some breathing time between coats will help resolve this issue.
  • In terms of shellac, gel, SNS and acrylic, we know it looks nice. But getting it off can be very tough on your nails- it generally requires some heavy acetone which strips your nails of their natural oils.  Over time your nails become thin, brittle and sometimes chipped. Which can lead to prolonged damage and allows moisture to get trapped, in turn leads to the possibility of fungal infection developing.

To sum this up..

  • Avoid the chemically rich nail polishes, shellac, gels SNS and acrylic nails.
  • Take your own nail polish with you.
  • Ask about the Sterilisation proses of the foot spa and instruments.
  • Ask to see how the instruments are cleaned and packed.
  • Check the “Clean Instrument Packet, there are indicator makers that will change colour when correct sterilisation has been achieved. 
  • Double check that all disposable tools, nail files, buffer blocks, pedicure paddles, and cuticle sticks are new when used on you. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take them home with you. It can’t be used again

Is there an alternative? YES

Foot + Nail Solutions Podiatry Noosa NOW offers a medical pedicure..  The Medi + Pedi

A Medi + Pedi is a noninvasive, medical grade pedicure that focuses on the hygienic and aesthetic care for the toenails and feet. Using organic vegan non-chemically enriched products.

If your scared of poor infection control at your nail spa. Disappointed by poor service and quality. Or your podiatrist is not giving you that aesthetic finish you are after. Then this is the pedicure for you.

The Medi + Pedi deference.

  • All reusable Instruments are of medical grade quality and processed using an ultrasonic cleaner then sterilised in a high-pressure steam Autoclave (steriliser).
  • All our services are performed to medical grade standards, following infection control guide lines.
  • Jet footbaths are not used as we cannot guarantee cleanliness and sterility. Instead a specialist footbath which can be sterlised is used. 

+ Single use disposable items can be taken home with you after the treatment. They are never reused.

+ Only a podiatrist can safely and effectively remove dry hard skin, corns, diagnose fungal infection and treat ingrown toenails.

Should you require your nails polished, Dr Remedy’s nail polishes is used. Dr Remedy’s enriched nails polish is a line of podiatrist formulated polishes and nail treatments. The polish is enriched with, Tea Tree Oil, Biotin, Lavender, Wheat Protein, Garlic Bulb Extract and Vitamins C and E. It does not contain any of the nasties  (Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, synthetic camphor xylene, tosylamide, benzophenone-1, animal parts) All ingredients are organic and vegan.

Dr Remedy’s nail polish is nourishing to the nails and will not damage or discolor the nails.

We stock a wide range of Dr Remedy’s nail polish’s and nail treatments. All are available for purchase. 

Health Fund Rebates for the podiatry component of your Medi + Pedi Available.

Foot + Nail Solutions Podiatry Noosaville are here to provide the very best in Podiatry care.

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