Ingrown toenail? Is nail surgery the answer? Some of your questions answered


What are the symptoms of an ingrown toenail?

Usually it is the big toenail that is affected however any toe can become ingrown. Symptoms include:
+ Swelling
+ Redness
+ Pain
+ Tenderness
+ Pus

Are there alternatives to nail surgery?

Routine podiatry treatment, such as cutting back the corner of the nail or following our self-care advice, may help in the short term, but is unlikely to offer a permanent solution if the problem has been recurrent or longstanding.

Why should I have nail surgery?

Thick, distorted or damaged nails give rise to pain and sometimes infection. Routine treatment in the clinic will resolve symptoms for a while, but often they reoccur, and the nail starts to be ingrown again. Nail surgery provides a permanent long term, safe answer.

What is nail surgery?

Nail surgery is a routine procedure performed under local anaesthetic making the procedure pain free. The offending section of nail is removed, a chemical is then applied to prevent regrowth.

Will there be pain after surgery?

The minimally invasive nature of the procedure results in minimal pain or discomfort following surgery. You have postoperative instructions that will minimise any discomfort and we are here to
support you.

Is this surgery safe?

This is one of the most regular treatments we perform. This minimally invasive procedure requires no skin incision or stiches and is suitable and safe for almost everyone.

How long does the procedure take?

Generally, the procedure takes 45 minutes to perform, if treating multiple toes, the procedure will take longer.

How will the toenail look after surgery?

Once healed, visible change in nail width does not change or is very minimal, as most of the nail removed is hidden under the skin. Rarely in sever cases, the whole toenail will be removed. This will be discussed prior to surgery.

When can I resume my normal activities after surgery?

The first 24 hours are the most import, you need to keep your foot elevated and the dressing dry. You will return 2 – 3 days later for the dressing to be removed and given redressing instructions. Depending on your activities you can return to them will be discussed at your initial appointment.

Can I drive after surgery?

For your own safety, we recommend that you arrange for someone to drive you following surgery.

Will my health fund cover this surgery?

If you have cover for Podiatry, most health funds rebate for ingrown toenail surgery. We have HICAPS facilities so can offer on the spot rebates.


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