3 Reasons Why you Have Ingrown Toenails!

No-one likes to talk about toes and toenails, but it’s my job as a Podiatrist to change that!

Here at Foot + Nail Solutions we see ingrown toenails on the daily, and by acknowledging the risk factors and seeking proper help when needed, we can get back on our feet ASAP.


AKA Onychocryptosis.

Dermatological nail condition where the nail plate starts to grow into the grooves of the skin, causing inflammation and pain! If left untreated, can lead to infection and extreme pain when weight-bearing.

So what causes ingrown toenails to occur?

  • Incorrect nail cutting techniques! Improper cutting of the nail where it leaves a spiked edge behind (spicule) encourages the nail edge to grow in to the skin As simple as it is, it can be difficult to fix once the nail has been cut wrong.
  • Tight fitting or narrow footwear! Narrow shoes add pressure on the nail plate, encouraging the nail to grow deeper into the side of the nail. Common examples of narrow shoes are high heels/ dress shoes, football cleats and weightlifting shoes.
  • You haven’t seen a Podiatrist yet! By seeing a Podiatrist, not only can the ingrown toenail be removed conservatively or surgically, wound management is key!
  • Other causes such as chronic infections, genetic predisposition, heavy sweating, pincer-shaped nails, the use of some medications etc, needs a medical Podiatry assessment.


  • Be proactive about your ingrown toenails
  • Cut toenails straight across
  • Avoid narrow fitting shoes
  • See a Podiatrist!